Eric Schorkops: „The Problems, which are brought to us by our clients, force us to think more creatively. Together we search for custom and turn-key solutions for their engineering project.

You are searching for an engineering expert, who will find a solution to your problem and give your ideas shape. Someone you can trust with your projects with special equipment and the engineering of prototypes one hundred percent. Someone who will arrange everything. And someone who will be in constant contact with you during the planning stages, the engineering and building process. This is why you come to Mecabride!

We will analyze your problem, put ourselves into your position and thrive to understand, what your goal is for the long term. We have an open ear to your ideas and will generate ideas ourselves, thinking innovatively and deliver suggestions to you. Tailored to your individual needs, based on the practical experience of our engineers and technical draftsmen, in this first phase you will receive a clear analysis of your problem – the foundation for all following steps of the project phases, in which we will present to you a clearly laid out strategy and viable solution.


What can you expect from us in this first phase?

  • An open ear – we will listen
  • Enthusiasm and excitement
  • Technical expertise and knowledge
  • Accurate analysis
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