Jérémy Weynand, certified mechanical engineer: „Not only us, but also the clients possess a wealth of experience. If we work together as partners, we can ensure that the project will be realized to the fullest satisfaction of our client.”

Once we have successfully analyzed your problem or expectations, the second project phase begins.

Our technical office of studies will then compose the first basic concept towards a solution, which will offer the client a first concrete overview of the desired machine as well the costs involved. Just like in the first phase, Mecabride will maintain a constant contact with the client, because the ideas, terms of reference or specific aspects of the product have to flow into the project.

As soon as you give us the green light to proceed with the basic idea and accept the price offer, we will work on the details of the solution. In CAD Inventor we capture the smallest and every detail, so that you will be able to see your machine virtually in action exactly how we will construct it.

Additionally we will print all those blueprints for you and bring them “next door”, which means into the workshop, where our skilled workers then start the third phase and the manufacturing process of your machine.


What you can expect from us in the third phase?

We will present to you a concrete pre-project (in CAD Inventor) and will be able to provide you with real numbers in terms of costs relating to your project. Furthermore, Mecabride will ensure the following:

  • Open policy with regards to your ideas and suggestions
  • Skilled engineers and technical draftsmen with practical experience
  • Technical Know-how
  • Thorough work and efficiency
  • Creativity

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