Werner Schneider: „We were able to move into our new premises by the end of 2005, which very much improved our manufacturing and assembly processes.”

The specifically designed plans created in the CAD Inventor are now in the hands of our qualified workshop workforce.
In this third project phase the workmanship, expertise and practical talent of our welders, lathe operators, cutters and mechanical engineers of our workshop come into play. Our experienced workforce not only finish different machine parts, but also build – with fabricated parts as well as bought ones - the entire machine inside our factory building. Depending on the size we may disassemble the machine as required into several components, to enable us to transport the machine to your desired location or business and to install it directly into your production line.

Only when you can operate the new machine with the click of a button and it fits perfectly into your operational procedures, we consider the assignment as successful and completed.


What can you expect from this phase?

  • Technical Knowledge
  • Technical and mechanical expertise
  • A turn-key project
  • Installation into your existing product line
  • Our technicians will stay present until the activation and start of operations and a warranty for your new machine thereafter
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