Schorkops Eric: „We are responsible for the entire project, from the concept all the way to the first pressing of the button, when the machine is started for the first time. That is our philosophy.

From the first contact and the analysis to the development of blueprints and plans, where your ideas and suggestions will be incorporated, all the way to the finishing and production, Mecabride is responsible for the entire project. This all-incorporating approach minimizes risks during the project development (like communication difficulties between several parties, different approaches and procedures, delays...).  Thanks to this strategy the project moves forward faster. We not only win back valuable time, but it also keeps the costs and the effort as low as possible. Letting us organize the entire project from A to Z, allows you to focus on your main business and receive a turn-key ready project, which answers to your exact expectations and plans.
There is always a way.“ Just as Viktor Schorkops has predicted it, we will always find a solution, even if you challenge us with very difficult and complex problems. Mecabride will not only deliver technical know-how and modern technology, but also creative and innovative ideas.

We appreciate long term and stable relationships with our clients and suppliers. Therefore it is no surprise that clients, who know

Viktor Schorkops from his pioneer years, have stayed with the company even after the generation change.

The oldest work shop worker, who started and was trained as a lathe operator and cutter in the basement of Viktor Schorkops private house, celebrated his 30th anniversary a few years back. Many more workers, who Mecabride employed due to rising orders and the moving into the new premises, have stayed faithful to the company. The younger employees, who share their passion for mechanics and technics with our company, are yet another reason for the great atmosphere inside the company.

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